About Pure Blue

This site was created to better host and display the free profile designs created by Bluessence. In previous years they were displayed on the mule account known as Pure Blue. The name comes from the fact that all of these profiles are purely designed and coded by bluessence. And for a little side info, bluessence is primarily an artist, but with a secret love for webdesign, the release of the profile customization options on Gaia made way for the fusion of those two loves. Because it gets old redesigning the same profile over and over, blue decided to share her designs with all of Gaia.


Terms of Use:

1. Do not alter the code or graphics in any way without permission.

2. Do not host these on any other website without permission.

3. Do not claim any part of these profiles as your own. (seriously.. people will know the truth.)

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Custom Profiles

I am available to make custom profiles, please email me (art@bluessence.com) to discuss the pricing and details.