Welcome to the help section, here I will go through the most frequent problems people have when using my profiles. Check below for your answer before contacting me.


Using Themes

1. First select 'My Gaia' then 'Account Settings' then 'Preferences'

2. Once in your preferences option, look at the third option from the top where it says Choose Profile. There is a drop down list with the options, Current or Classic. My profiles are labeled accordingly so please choose the option that matches the profile you wish to use from my gallery.

3. Save All Changes.

4. After Saving, hover your mouse over 'My Gaia' again, then choose 'Account Settings' and 'Profile Theme'.

5. You should see a page that says Theme Override and below that a text box, paste the entire code you selected from my gallery in this box.

6. Again, Save All Changes. And then go check out your new profile!


Removing Themes

1. Go to 'My Gaia' then 'Account Settings' and select 'Profile Theme'

2. Select the entire profile code inside the text box.

3. Replace it with a single letter/number/symbol, whatever you want, I usually use a period. (This step is very important, if you left it blank the system does not recognize your save.)

4. Click on Save All Changes, Your profile should now display the default theme.


If you need additional help or you have found an error in my site or codes please check out

Pure Blue Help on the Gaia Forums